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Our core principle is simple: we believe that patient data should belong first and foremost to the patient. With this principle in mind, our goal is to empower patients to provide the data needed to unlock greater research and discovery.

And by focusing on patients first, Clinico makes it easier for researchers to discover new insights through increased access to patient-level data across trials and therapeutic areas.


Data sharing and transparency are broken in the pharmaceutical industry. From companies having little incentive to be transparent in sharing data to researchers not leveraging shared data that is available, the potential of clinical trial data-sharing is far from realized.

Despite mandates from the Federal Government (FDAAA 801) to increase data sharing and transparency requiring companies to publish trial data, one quarter to one half of clinical trials are never published with over 80% of trials failing to comply with this law.

Most surprisingly, while pharmaceutical companies fight over what can and cannot be shared, most patients want their trial data to be shared.

That is why we are building a new data sharing platform that empowers patients to take back ownership of their data and to be active contributors toward improving the pace and quality of research.

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